Water damage restoration

The Water damage restoration industry has evolved considerably in the later part of the twentieth century. The original concept of wet-vacuuming water and opening windows to allow natural drying of the structure and components over a prolonged period of time has long since been replaced with sophisticated equipment and methods.


Throughout the development of the science of water restoration, it has become evident that  water damage not only affects the structure and contents of buildings, but also impacts public health if restoration techniques are performed improperly.  Whatever the source of water damage (e.g., broken pipes, rain water, sewage back flows, etc), the impact on the ecology within the affected structure is important.  The increase in the micro organisms present, or in the conditions of the building that may promote microbial amplification, is of major concern.  The importance of timely response to any water damage is necessary to prevent progressive material damage, amplification of micro organisms and to minimize potential adverse health effects.  For these reasons, water damage restoration keeps evolving in the 21st century. 


This part of the website is under construction and is intended for those customers or individuals who want to understand the science behind it and to know the guidelines water damage mitigation companies follow or should follow when attempting a water damaged home. 


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