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Upholstery CleaningWhy Cleaning the furniture?

Bacteria dust, pollen, dirt, dander and mold could be in your upholstery now, polluting the air your family breathes. Vacuuming alone isn't enough to remove these contaminants.

Our highly trained technicians specialize in helping you maintain the appearance of your home. At ServiClean Inc we understand how clean carpets and furniture can affect the look of your home. We use the latest technology and cleaning methods to assure you the best results.

Whether hosting a special event in your home or looking for regular carpet cleaning, we will clean your home thoroughly and safely every time. Your home is in good hands with ServiClean Inc, the cleaning Experts.

Our cleaning services

Steam cleaning (also called hot water extraction) is our preferred carpet cleaning method. Our top of the line truck mount extractors use the cleaning power of hot water to flush out allergenic irritants and microbes from the carpet's pile. Strong suction removes dirt and moisture for carpeting that is clean, residue free and fast-drying. In addition to steam cleaning, Carpet Cleaning ServiClean offers the following carpet cleaning services:

  • Pet stain and odor removal
  • Carpet stain protection
  • Dry cleaning, using very low moisture absorbent dry compound
  • Foam cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning, using a special absorbent pad

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

That would depend on the number of adults, children and of course PETS, that live in your home. Every 3 to 12 months is the average. We recommend cleaning your Traffic Areas every 6 months.


Cute Kid and petImportant tips


Get at stains quickly, 99% of all stains can be removed by one cleaning agent or another if they are cleaned in the first few days. The longer a stain chemically reacts with the carpet the harder it will be to remove it. Never dig or brush spots. The proper procedure is to scrape the spot towards the middle and then tamp the spot into the white towel or cloth using a brush or other tamping devices. A meat tenderizer makes a great tamping tool.

Basic Pet Stain removal

Time is essential. You need to get to the stain as quickly as you can. When you do this, you are able to get most of the liquid out of the carpet or off the flooring before it sets into it. The first thing that you need to do then is to get it clean, white paper towels and absorb as much of the mess from the carpet as possible. Liquid should be blotted out of the carpet until you can not get any more out. Do not scrub it!

After you do this, there may still be some stain that needs to be removed. You will then need to work on removing it. The first thing that you can do is to dilute vinegar in a bottle 50/50 with warm water. Spray this onto the stain and allow it to dry. This will neutralize the stain and it will not be noticeable.

Or, try a solution of vinegar, baking soda and water in a spray bottle. A few teaspoons of baking soda will cause a reaction with the chemical that will also help to remove that stain, even if it has been sitting there for a while.

To neutralize the smell of the urine, sprinkle baking soda dry onto the carpeting in the spot. Allow it to absorb the odors there and then vacuum it up.


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