Did you have a fire and smoke damage?

The goal of the restoration process  or cleaning is to transform a smoke and/or a fire damage structure into an environment that is clean, safe, and free of unpleasant odors.  To accomplish this, the structure and its contents must be returned to equal or better appearance and cleanliness than before the damage occurred, and to do it in the most economical and efficient way possible. 

soot damage on draperySmoke and soot particles are the visual by-products of incomplete combustion. The quantity of available oxygen can affect combustion temperature and the amount of smoke particle residue produce.  The  size of particulate matter produce by fire is extremely small.  

It is very important for the processes and procedures to be carefully evaluated to ensure they are appropriate. Every job is unique and the approach should also be unique.  

 The Process

A professional and detail inspection  and cleaning is required to eliminate the soot, smoke or odor problems.  After identifying the source, the more of that source you can remove the less of an odor problem you will have to handle.   The removal of the smoke and odor will require another techniques such as the use of Air Filtration Devices,  pressure or compression sprayers, wet foggers, thermal foggers, ozone generators, and Hydroxyl generators.

Air duct cleaning might be necessary to successfully eliminated them, since the system circulate the air all over the house. 


Things you can do while help arrives?

As mentioned above, the more of the source you remove the better. However, your situation may need a more agressive cleaning method and the help of a professional cleaning company like us will be required. Give us a call, we will inspect your house for Free during business hours and provide you with a plan on how to remediate the problem.


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